The first Women's fitness club

Mirovaya Karta corporation opened a first fitness club specially for women
In the April Mirovaya Karta corporation in the center of Kiev has opened a first fitness club specially for women

LaFemme introduces guest visit!
Dear ladies! Click the “Like” button on our Facebook page an...

LaFemme’s Summer Offer
The first women’s fitness club holds Yoga and Pilates classes on summer terrace.

Pulsing holistic massage
The author is an Australian massage, osteopathy abd reflexive therapy specialist, Mr. Tovi Browning.

Art therapy for future moms
First fitness club for ladies, LaFemme, presents art therapy classes for pregnant. These classes arer taught by the...

Dear friends!
We are proud to inform you that cleaning process at LaFemme club is conducted using French eco-friendly facilities. T...

Personal exercises with Gravity
Personal exercises using Gravity trainer are available for you at LaFemme club.

Dear parents!
The martial arts school in our club invites boys aged 5 – 14 years! The trainings will help to develop power en...

Ballet studies for your kids!
LaFemme welcomes young talents aged 5 – 14 years on the ballet studies!

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Today, 05 February
11:00 Pilates
16:00 Fitness Mama
19:00 Body ball
20:00 Yoga

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